These two are now proud parents of little Kingston Monroe Bounds. What a beautiful name. Amber and Preston came to me for their maternity photos. We’ve been working together for years and I was thrilled when Amber wanted me to take her maternity photos. Amber was about 8 months along at this time and she was worried she would be too big, but I think she photographed beautifully. They fully trusted me for a location and I found the coolest hybrid of industrial with some greenery so it was like two different looks in one very cool location!

Amber-Maternity-2 Amber-Maternity-5 Amber-Maternity-6 Amber-Maternity-7 Amber-Maternity-8 Amber-Maternity-9 Amber-Maternity-10 Amber-Maternity-11 Amber-Maternity-12 Amber-Maternity-13 Amber-Maternity-14 Amber-Maternity-15 Amber-Maternity-16 Amber-Maternity-17 Amber-Maternity-18 Amber-Maternity-19 Amber-Maternity-20

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