Meet Suzie. I met her through Instagram when I did a model call for ladies who wanted to be photographed. You should follow her too, her name is @littlesoozieq and she puts together amazing outfits. She’s a Cali beach girl living near Charlotte. She’s a nursing major but is starting to crave something a little more creative. She’s absolutely a creative person. Selfishly, she reminded me of myself. She is strikingly beautiful and I loved photographing her. She felt like a total badass during our shoot and I really enjoyed getting to know her. Suzie has fantastic tattoos. One that was very striking was a butterfly on her forearm. She got it on a whim in London to honor her Mom. She’s brave, strong and independent. Suzie has never had her photos taken like this before and she told me she had a fantastic time. To see her post a few of her favorites on Instagram and to describe what an amazing experience she had with me lets me know this project was a success. Suzie had a super positive experience in front of my camera, being her total self while I captured her true beauty. So many good feelings.


Suzie-1 Suzie-2 Suzie-3 Suzie-4 Suzie-5 Suzie-6 Suzie-7 Suzie-8 Suzie-9 Suzie-10 Suzie-11 Suzie-12 Suzie-13 Suzie-14 Suzie-15 Suzie-16 Suzie-17 Suzie-18 Suzie-19 Suzie-20 Suzie-21 Suzie-22 Suzie-23 Suzie-24 Suzie-25 Suzie-26 Suzie-27 Suzie-28 Suzie-29 Suzie-30 Suzie-31 Suzie-32 Suzie-33 Suzie-34 Suzie-35 Suzie-36

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