OH.EM.GEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! HANNAH!!! I am so thrilled we had the opportunity to work together. Your high school senior photography session was an absolute blast. It was so simple. We met in Southend. We followed the beautiful light and we got KILLER photos. And how hilarious is it that this is my second Hannah. For senior photography. In a row. So wild. I changed up my editing in these photos too. I added more contrast, increased black and shadows to give these photos more POP! I seriously love taking pictures of women. Ladies, who run the world? GIRLS!

hannah-walker-2 hannah-walker-3 hannah-walker-4 hannah-walker-5 hannah-walker-6 hannah-walker-7 hannah-walker-8 hannah-walker-9 hannah-walker-10 hannah-walker-12 hannah-walker-13 hannah-walker-14 hannah-walker-15 hannah-walker-16 hannah-walker-18 hannah-walker-19 hannah-walker-20 hannah-walker-22 hannah-walker-23 hannah-walker-32 hannah-walker-33 hannah-walker-34 hannah-walker-38 hannah-walker-39 hannah-walker-41 hannah-walker-42 hannah-walker-43 hannah-walker-44 hannah-walker-45 hannah-walker-46 hannah-walker-47 hannah-walker-48 hannah-walker-49 hannah-walker-50 hannah-walker-51 hannah-walker-52 hannah-walker-53 hannah-walker-54 hannah-walker-55 hannah-walker-56 hannah-walker-58 hannah-walker-59 hannah-walker-60 hannah-walker-61 hannah-walker-62 hannah-walker-63 hannah-walker-64 hannah-walker-65 hannah-walker-66 hannah-walker-67 hannah-walker-68 hannah-walker-69 hannah-walker-70 hannah-walker-71 hannah-walker-73 hannah-walker-74 hannah-walker-75 hannah-walker-76 hannah-walker-77 hannah-walker-78 hannah-walker-79 hannah-walker-80 hannah-walker-82 hannah-walker-83 hannah-walker-84 hannah-walker-85 hannah-walker-87 hannah-walker-90 hannah-walker-92 hannah-walker-94 hannah-walker-97 hannah-walker-99 hannah-walker-101 hannah-walker-102 hannah-walker-103 hannah-walker-104 hannah-walker-106 hannah-walker-108 hannah-walker-110

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