Let me tell you how much I absolutely loved this brunch wedding. Jennifer and Sean did it perfectly. This NC intimate wedding was RIGHT up my alley! This beautiful wedding took place in the cooler fall months and I got to take full advantage of the gorgeous morning light. I never knew how much I LOVED morning light until I photographed Jennifer + Sean’s brunch wedding. They also surprised me with a few awesome tidbits too! First Look, check! By doing the First Look we were able to save TONS of time after the ceremony with their portraits because we had all ready done a majority before the ceremony. Not only does the First Look help save time, but it can also really help with those pre-wedding jitters and nervousness. It’s a really special moment between a couple where they can just be. I’m so glad Jennifer and I reconnected after meeting several years ago through mutual friends. I absolutely adored her and Sean’s NC intimate wedding.

jennifer+Sean Wedding-1 jennifer+Sean Wedding-2^ LOVE LOVE LOVED her fall colored flowers

jennifer+Sean Wedding-4 jennifer+Sean Wedding-5 jennifer+Sean Wedding-6^ One of my favorites :)

jennifer+Sean Wedding-7 jennifer+Sean Wedding-8 jennifer+Sean Wedding-9 jennifer+Sean Wedding-10 jennifer+Sean Wedding-11 jennifer+Sean Wedding-12 jennifer+Sean Wedding-13 jennifer+Sean Wedding-15 jennifer+Sean Wedding-16^ GAH! Look at that gorgeous morning light!!

jennifer+Sean Wedding-17 jennifer+Sean Wedding-18 jennifer+Sean Wedding-19 jennifer+Sean Wedding-20 jennifer+Sean Wedding-21^ Candid moments are part of what makes my job so awesome

jennifer+Sean Wedding-22 jennifer+Sean Wedding-23^ Seriously, what a little stud!

jennifer+Sean Wedding-24^ This moment couldn’t have been planned any better.

jennifer+Sean Wedding-25 jennifer+Sean Wedding-26 jennifer+Sean Wedding-27^ When I took this I had no idea Sean was ruining his friend’s photo with his finger until I was editing. So hysterical!

jennifer+Sean Wedding-28 jennifer+Sean Wedding-29 jennifer+Sean Wedding-30 jennifer+Sean Wedding-31 jennifer+Sean Wedding-32 jennifer+Sean Wedding-33 jennifer+Sean Wedding-34 jennifer+Sean Wedding-35 jennifer+Sean Wedding-36 jennifer+Sean Wedding-37 jennifer+Sean Wedding-38 jennifer+Sean Wedding-39 jennifer+Sean Wedding-40

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