This post is coming straight from the heart. I wanted to write this for the longest time but was afraid of hurting people’s feelings. I’m not afraid anymore. So here it goes… This is why it’s so important hiring a professional wedding photographer.

My wedding was planned perfectly. My dress was the CUTEST thing thing ever. My flowers were my favorite – hydrangeas and roses. My shoes looked like Kate Spade’s (before I discovered my absolute obsession with KSNY). My bridesmaids, who I had not seen in a long time, because I am from Ohio and now live in Charlotte, NC, were all there to support me and we laughed all day and had champagne with strawberries. My cousin did my hair and that was so special to me. My mom’s best friend from when I was a baby, whom she had not seen in over 20 years, flew in from California to be with us. My mom and I (she helped me plan because ladies, the fiance usually says ‘That works for me’ to EVERYTHING) spent hours and hours weighing options for different centerpieces and we decided on her beautiful milk glass collection and candles and flowers. The day of my wedding my Aunt took her pearl bracelet off to let me use as my ‘something borrowed’. All of my friends and family were there to support my future husband and I and it was a day full of different emotions. We even picked the most perfect day to get married: 9-10-11. There were so many more little details that were special to us that I can’t simply list them all out. There were some things that went wrong (my Dad’s tuxedo literally started to fall apart at the seams! And it’s hilarious to think of now!) but overall it was without a doubt, the happiest day of my entire life. My face hurt from smiling so much all day.

And here’s the part where I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I made the mistake of hiring an unseasoned family member to photograph our wedding.

Now granted, this person was a professional and very good at what they did. Way back in the days of film and studios. But for the modern girl looking for the modern editorial photography style, I was very sad with my oversight of the importance of doing my homework and finding someone who fit my vision. I thought this person will just know what I like. No. Not all photographers are the same. They all have different styles. And DSLR’s (professional digital cameras) take lots of time to understand how to operate. I don’t want to get into too much detail but just know it was all wrong.

Kiss at altar

Whatever you do, please don’t hire someone just because they have a ‘fancy’ camera. Or don’t sacrifice wedding photography because it doesn’t quite fit your budget. You will regret it. I promise you will. I certainly did and that’s why I photograph weddings today. I’ve always loved photography and have always considered myself a photographer and after my own wedding, I have made it my mission to deliver beautiful photos in the style I envisioned to other brides because every bride truly deserves beautiful wedding photography. I mean that from the absolute bottom of my heart.

Wedding 077

So as I end this post which came straight from my heart, please remember to not make the same mistake I made and to not hire a professional wedding photographer. Pay for the best photographer you can find within your budget. If they’re out of your budget, consider possibly cutting small costs elsewhere in the wedding. Or there’s the option to make monthly payments. I know most photographers (including myself) welcome this idea!

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