Oh BRITTNEY!!! You are just too cute for words! I mean seriously! Brittney’s country bridal portraits were the bees knees and I am soooo excited I FINALLY get to share these with you! It’s been killing me! I was super excited that Brittney opted to have a bridal session instead of engagements. Bridal portraits might be one of my favorite things to photograph, next to weddings and engagements of course ;-). She said she wanted a ‘country feel without being redneck’! LOL! I think we accomplished that! I seriously love this Holland family. Brittney came to me through Kara + Peyton and I couldn’t be more happy for the referral. P.S. I don’t let referrals go unnoticed either. If you send someone my way I gift you. Bridal portrait sessions are so dang fun! It gives you a chance to spend more time in your dress and be totally girly and feel beautiful for more than just your wedding day. And during this time you can do a makeup and hair test run to make sure you love everything you have planned. Her Daddy was around for the bridal session and watching him get a little choked up seeing his little baby all grown up in a gorgeous dress made my heart melt. I seriously love all the emotions that come from weddings. Love, love, love. <3

Brittney-1 Brittney-2 Brittney-3 Brittney-4 Brittney-5 Brittney-6 Brittney-7 Brittney-8 Brittney-9 Brittney-10 Brittney-11 Brittney-12 Brittney-13 Brittney-14 Brittney-15 Brittney-16 Brittney-17 Brittney-18 Brittney-19 Brittney-20 Brittney-21 Brittney-22 Brittney-23 Brittney-24 Brittney-25 Brittney-26 Brittney-27 Brittney-28 Brittney-29 Brittney-30 Brittney-31 Brittney-32 Brittney-33 Brittney-34 Brittney-35 Brittney-36 Brittney-37 Brittney-38Like what you see? Like the Tiffani Evans Photo Facebook page to see my latest work! I specialize in wedding, engagement and portrait photography around Charlotte, NC and I’m available anywhere for travel. My photography style is simple, fun and classic. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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